Royal Kiddies Palace


Daycare With a Touch of Love

Royal Kiddies Palace is a daycare center for kids located within Osogbo Osun State founded with the motive of making kids feel special and loved while enjoying the benefits of a dedicated learning system

The Challenge

Being a relatively new business, Royal Kiddies Palace at a time was just one among many daycare centers trying to be build her awareness. Our Goal was to help Royal Kiddies Palace create a pathos brand that appeals to the emotions of it's target audience despite the value driven face of competition within the environment

Making Kings Out Of Kids

Every parent knows how special their kids are. Therefore for Royal Kiddies Palace to compete within its niche, it needed to offer a dedicated brand experience that appeals to that emotional sense and what better way to achieve that other than reminding parents that their kids could be much more. They can be kings.

All Works